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My Journey

My journey to learn to love God has allowed me to begin the process of accepting my own forgiveness and letting go of all the painful memories that haunted me unseen and hidden in the depths of my Self. This dredging of the mind causes a flood of memories that Self is unprepared hold back. Like a flood swollen river filled with debris of every event in my life.

I always felt that my biggest failing was that I failed Baba in some way by not coming to him while he was still in human form. This still causes me great pain, though logic tells me since I had never heard of him until October of 1969 and that if I had known of Baba, travel to India for children alone would not have happened.

I remember when I first saw the "Don't Worry Be Happy" poster, I was at a class mates house and I asked to use the restroom. Walking in, I saw the poster and that moment I knew beyond any doubt that I was looking at the image of God. To my friend it was only a poster picked at the Boston Meher Baba Information Center. That belief was fostered by a moment of illumination and the question "Why would you go to India to seek me when you cannot see me right in front of you?" I wanted to tell everyone, when I tried to tell others about God, this instead led to my being diagnosed as having "Great delusions of grandeur" and confinement. For many years, I remained quite circumspect about speaking to others about Meher Baba, but that changed after Hurricane Katrina.

My wife found an ad for the New Orleans Baba group in New Orleans and I met my first lovers in 39 years. The first question Joe Burke asked me was "How did you find Baba?". So, I tell my tale and for some reason I also mentioned the name of my class mate "Aaron Ribstein", this causes Joe to pause and he says "Do you mean Aaron Ribstein from Newton Mass?". All I could think of saying was "Yes". Joe explained that he had taken Aaron to the Boston Center. A circle that took almost 40 years to connect.

Daily, I struggle with my faith, that took me decades to fully embrace. I encourge any one of Baba'a lovers to write me if this tuggs at your heart.

Bill Pritchard



Avatar Meher Baba (1894-1969)

Avatar Meher Baba Center of Dallas
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